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Southwestern Deserts

April, 2005
Regional Report


Tabletop Gardens
There's no excuse for the ubiquitous pothos in a plastic pot anymore! The beautifully photographed Tabletop Gardens, by Rosemary McCreary (Storey Books, 2002; $27.50), contains 40 imaginative examples of indoor gardens to jazz up any decor. Garden styles include tray and dish gardens, water, gravel, herb, glass-enclosed, foliage, flower, and seasonal gardens. Within each section are several ideas. For example, water gardens include floating, tropical, bog, fountain, and sculpture gardens. The author provides lists of appropriate plants as well as details on maintenance and troubleshooting. I was so enthused by the ideas in this book, I'm heading straight to the potting shelf to see what containers I have after I finish this report!

Clever Gardening Technique

Plugging Drainage Holes
Save old window screen mesh to use in containers. Cut a square to cover the drainage hole in the bottom of a pot before filling it with soil. The mesh will stop soil particles from falling out but still allow water to drain.


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