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June, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Soil Biology Movies
These colorful little Soil Biology Movies are too cool for words. You can literally watch those mysterious mycorrhizae and other denizens of our teeming underground world. There are sixteen very short clips, each on a different topic related to soil biology. I recommend you start with the one entitled Food Chain and move on from there. These are presented by Iowa State University professor Thomas Loynachan (agronomy and microbiology) for his students, but I think gardeners will enjoy this quick glimpse into soil life, too.


Arborsculpture: Solutions for A Small Planet
Arborsculptors are people who love trees and patiently grow tree "experiments" that cover the gamut from artistic to funky, poetic to technically challenging. They enjoy embarking upon projects such as growing, say, a chair or a 16-foot row boat or even a house, all by growing and training sapling trees. Arborsculpture: Solutions for A Small Planet, by Richard Reames (Arborsmith Studios, 2005; $20), is an intensely personal and passionate book documenting arborsculpting projects and techniques both old and new. The projects and people described and illustrated in it are unique. Reames also includes helpful pointers that reflect both age-old and modern tree biology, as well as instructions and diagrams to help you with your own projects, including details for how to grow your own living chair. If you enjoy the offbeat and/or have an interest in tree biology, you will adore this book.


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