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Coastal and Tropical South

June, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
A joint project of the Florida Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation, this Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program Web site leads to information about how to enhance your own backyard habitat, how certification works, and how interest in this topic is growing in the Sunshine State. It'll lead you to a wealth of resources about the efforts of Florida gardeners to conserve habitat and sustain wildlife in their backyards, neighborhoods, and communities.


Gardening for the Table
The discussion of sustainability goes directly to the way we eat. Another way to conserve the Earth's resources is to grow some of your own food, the idea being that if you can do so, then there will be enough to go around for those who cannot. Beyond this nice notion is the fact that the closer you are to the food's source, both where it's grown and the way you eat it, the better the flavors and nutrition. This philosophy, and a genuinely inspired love of food plants, now gives us The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden, by David Hirsch (Ten Speed Press, 2005; $19.95). This revision (and after 28 years, it's major in some ways) of the original takes you into the heart of the restaurant kitchen, with delicious, uncomplicated recipes. But even better, Hirsch is now a seasoned gardener as well, and his understanding of the nuances of vegetable growing is unparalleled. The book is organized so the reader gets culinary and growing tips together, and the result is mouthwatering.


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