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June, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

What Tree is That?
The National Arbor Day Foundation site offers a terrific, animated learning tool. If you have ever puzzled over how to use a plant identification key, this is for you. You can bone up on botanical terms such as "sinus" and "lobe," then practice your new skills with instant feedback. Test yourself on some common trees, and when you get it right all the way to the end, enjoy the celebration! (Why didn't they have fun stuff like this when I was in school!?)

Shows & Events

Herb Garden Turns 25
The United States National Arboretum and the Herb Society of America are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the herb garden at the National Arboretum. Visit the largest designed herb garden in the country, check out the collections of salvia, rosemary, lavender, and scented geraniums, ogle 100 different varieties of peppers, and enjoy some of the special events planned for the coming months. For more info, visit:


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