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New England

July, 2005
Regional Report


Garden-Related Books for Kids
Here is a sampling of the wonderful children's books available with gardening themes:
Cucumber Soup (Fulcrum Publishing, 1998; $16.95), by Vickie Leigh Krudwig. All the insects in the garden, from ten little black ants down to one tiny flea, get involved in moving a fallen cucumber. Don't miss the delicious recipe for cucumber soup and factual information about insects. (Ages 4-8)

Flowers From Mariko (Lee & Low Books, 2001; $16.95), by Rick Noguchi and Deneen Jenks. Not only do we nurture gardens, they also can nurture us, as a young Japanese American girl reminds her family when they are released from an internment camp after World War II. A good history lesson and a sensitive story. (Ages 9-12)

The Lost Flower Children (Puffin Books, 2001: $5.99), by Janet Taylor Lisle. Two young orphaned sisters move in with a great aunt, and while releasing her garden from a mysterious spell, they too are transformed and begin to heal. (Ages 9-12)

Miss Lily and the Hollyhock Garden (Leathers Publishing, 2001: $19.95), by Mary A. Martin. Miss Lily lives in the hollyhock garden but longs for adventure. One day she gets her wish when a gust of wind whisks her away. She meets many interesting friends on her journey back home. (Ages 4-8)

Tool or Gardening Product

Aqua Spikes
I appreciate watering aids, and although they look a bit odd, these orange spikes do help with watering newly planted perennials and bare-root roses. You cut off the bottom of a soda bottle with scissors and attach a spike to the business end, then up-end the bottle and stick the spike into the ground at the base of the plant. It's easy to fill the bottle with the hose, and the moisture slowly seeps into the soil.


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