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Middle South

July, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Parents' Primer
Here's how the Parents' Primer is described on the Web site: "This primer is not just about creating one garden for your kids. It's about taking advantage of 'gardening moments' with your kids every week in your own backyard ... and front yard and in the garage and at the windowsill and in the basement ... Through the seasons there are big projects and little opportunities for gardening with kids that can fit seamlessly into your life.This primer will help you learn to recognize those opportunities and turn your kids' questions into fun discoveries. And you'll get the garden-building basics too!" I couldn't have said it better myself. Check it out!

Favorite or New Plant

Lemon Verbena
I gave a sprig of freshly harvested lemon verbena to one of our B&B guests one evening, and she told me the next morning that she kept it under her pillow, and every time she woke up during the night she took a sniff and went right back to sleep. I would have thought the strong lemon scent would be invigorating rather than soothing, but apparently that's not the case. In fact, ancient Greek mythology states that if you want to have sweet dreams, put dried lemon verbena leaves in your pillow just before you go to sleep.

Lemon verbena, Aloysia triphylla, is an aromatic shrub native to Argentina and Chile. It's an evergreen perennial in frost-free regions, but a frost causes it to drops its leaves. Hardy only to USDA Zone 8, I'll have to root some cuttings this fall and overwinter them indoors. Still, it's worth the trouble. The aroma is so intense and irresistible.


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