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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

August, 2005
Regional Report


Poisonous Plants
The reason Poisonous Plants of Eastern North America by Randy G. Westbrooks and James W. Preacher (University of South Carolina Press, 1986; $21.95) is in my collection is because people frequently me ask if a particular plant is poisonous. Although it is specific to the Eastern United States, it also contains many plants indigenous to the west. It contains color photos and a description of each plant, including the toxicity and symptoms, and notes on each of the particular plants. This is a handy book to have in your library.

Clever Gardening Technique

Cactus Collar
To transplant a prickly potted cactus, make a collar of folded newspaper to support the plant while you slip it out of the old pot and into the new one. Wrap the newspaper around the body of the plant and grip the ends of the paper tightly so the plant doesn't slip. This trick works like magic on all small, spiny plants. Your fingers will thank you!


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