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Southwestern Deserts

August, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Follow Proper Pruning Techniques
Texas A&M University Extension Horticulture provides a detailed pruning publication online called Follow Proper Pruning Techniques. It contains illustrations to help you find the branch bark ridge and branch collar.


Pruning and Desert Landscaping
Desert Landscaping for Beginners (Arizona Master Gardeners, 2001; $14.95) contains an in-depth chapter on pruning written by University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Urban Horticulturist Lucy K. Bradley, also a certified arborist. She starts with a thoughtful discussion of why we should (or should not) be pruning and explains how plants grow. This helps us understand where to make the best cuts on a plant to achieve our goal. Other topics include good pruning cuts, how to prune specific plants, when to prune in the low desert, do's and don'ts, and tool selection. The book also contains guidelines for hiring an arborist. Its easy-to-understand chapter on pruning makes a sometimes difficult subject clear to the novice. Experienced pruners will likely learn something as well.


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