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September, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

New York State Bluebird Society
I didn't know that the bluebird is the New York state bird. Even if you live in another state, the New York State Bluebird Society Web site is a great reference for those of us who enjoy bluebirds and hope to see them in our landscape. Under the category "Bluebird Information" there are specific instructions on how to provide appropriate (and safe) bluebird nesting boxes, as well as a suggested planting list -- with some terrific garden-worthy plants on it -- if you would like to plant a bluebird garden!

Clever Gardening Technique

Bulb-Thieving Squirrel Stopper
If squirrels like to rearrange (or simply remove) your newly planted bulbs, thwart them by covering the newly planted area with a strip of chicken wire, or if you planted smaller bulbs, woven wire hardware cloth or an old window screen. You can hide the so-called squirrel stopper under your mulch. Next spring, remove the wire so the bulbs can come through unhindered.


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