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Upper South

October, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Facts About Fruits and Vegetables
The University of Michigan Integrative Medicine site has developed a Healing Foods Pyramid, with one section on fruits and vegetables. Included are examples of foods to choose, appropriate portion size, information on phytochemicals and antioxidants, reasons to buy organic, ideas to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and an extensive list of references and links to other related Web sites.


Gardening for Maximum Nutrition
Even though it's out of print (but readily available on the Internet) and somewhat out of date, Gardening for Maximum Nutrition, by Jerry Minnich (Rodale Press, 1983) remains a worthwhile guide to techniques that maximize the nutrition you can get from your garden. Minnich describes how to build soil organically for the most nutritious fruits and vegetables, and covers topics such as planning, harvest, storage, and preparation. There is an A to Z section of fruits and vegetables that includes nutritional highlights and growing information, plus extensive charts on the nutritional values.


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