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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

November, 2005
Regional Report


Bay Area Gardening
Bay Area Gardening; Practical Essays by Master Gardeners, edited by Barbara Euser (Travelers' Tales/Solas House, 2005; $18.95), is a book of essays by various local Master Gardeners. It contains a wealth of information on the secrets of gardening here in northern California. For example, there is a chapter called "To Prune, or Not to Prune," and another called "Drought-Tolerant Ferns." There is a list in the back of Bay Area gardens that are open to the public and a glossary of plant names. Bay Area Gardening is an interesting read, if only to justify your own gardening practices.

Tool or Gardening Product

SunDay Afternoons Hat
My very favorite outdoor hat just blew away! It was lying on the dock last time I saw it. It must have blown into the water and disappeared before I noticed! I had to replace it right away because I have never had a hat that keeps the sun completely off my face, that is as cool and comfortable to wear, and that washes so well. The brim is reinforced with something that keeps it firm and in shape, and is lined with a dark-colored fabric to prevent glare.

SunDay Afternoons ( makes hats that have a high UV rating and are approved by dermatologists. The material they use is light and comfortable, the hat has vented panels on the sides and a long flap in the back that completely covers the back of your neck. There is even a string with an adjustable pull slide to keep the hat securely on your head. The hats are a little unusual looking, but they sure do the trick. Do like I did and add a big silk flower to the brim. This is by far the best hat I have ever worn, I swear!


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