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Coastal and Tropical South

October, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Everyday Mysteries
From the Library of Congress comes this Web site of fun science facts. If you have ever wondered why delicious onions are also unpleasantly tearful, now you can find out. This Everyday Mysteries site will take you to the q&a section, specifically, "Why does chopping an onion make you cry?" (The answer is: "unstable chemicals.") You also will learn what part of your eyes are sensitive to onion fumes, and how sulfenic acid rearranges itself. More importantly, you can amaze everyone with these and many more fun facts you'll find on the site.

Favorite or New Plant

Trailing Snapdragons
As a longtime fan of 2-foot-tall snapdragons, it's a surprise to be able to say great things about these diminutive, adorable babies. They look like the short snaps we've all seen, but they fall right out of the pots with flowers all along the way. They'll trail 8 to 10 inches when fully grown, and can be cut back to encourage constant blooming. Bright colors and nice combos, too. Grab a six-pack and a 10-inch hanging basket and get busy.


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