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Upper South

November, 2005
Regional Report


Gifts and Crafts From the Garden
Prejudiced though I am, the projects and techniques found in my book Gifts and Crafts from the Garden (Rodale Press, 1988) have stood the test of time. Although long out of print, it is readily available for less than a dollar from online used booksellers. Projects utilize materials from all areas of the landscape, including flowers, herbs, grasses, trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables. Besides a wide range of wreaths and arrangements, there is also information on pressed flowers, herbal beauty products, baskets, wheat weaving, and much more.

Tool or Gardening Product

Hose Carry Strap
Among my least favorite gardening chores is coiling up watering hoses. Although several of my hoses are on hose reels, there are others that are not for various reasons. During the summer, I tend to just let these lie about, but with cold weather they must be put away. Twine certainly works to tie them up, but wrestling both string and hose is not my idea of fun. The best solution so far is a simple, heavy-duty plastic device that was purchased at Big Lots for 99 cents, called the Water Pro Hose Carry Strap. One end simply slips through a hole in the other end. It readily adjusts to various lengths of hose and has a built-in carrying and hanging handle. It also works well with long extension cords. All in all, a highly functional bargain.


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