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Western Mountains and High Plains

November, 2005
Regional Report


Kid Style Nature Crafts
Spend some quality time with your children by sharing some ideas from Kid Style Nature Crafts, by Gwen Diehn & Terry Krautwurst (Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 1997; $19.95).
There are 50 hands-on projects for you and the kids to create using natural materials from the woods and garden. Every season has its own unique things to observe, discover, and create. Build a rustic twig shelf, or make paper from potatoes.

Clever Gardening Technique

Test Soil Before Spreading Fireplace Ashes
Disaster can be the outcome when too many wood ashes are sprinkled onto Rocky Mountain garden soils. The majority of soils throughout the region, with the exception of some mountain soils, are alkaline. Wood ashes have the same effect as lime, sweetening the soil, or increasing the alkalinity. This will aggravate mineral and nutrient availability to plants. Test your soil first to make sure you won't be overdoing it by adding ashes.


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