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Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Twinleaf Journal
Twinleaf Journal, an online publication of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, contains an article that details Thomas Jefferson's favorite vines. Great descriptions, with links to details about hyacinth bean and its apparent successor, snail vine. The former President was responsible for the tremendous growth of horticulture in our country during his lifetime, and his legacy continues in the Center's work.

Favorite or New Plant

There are few fruit trees with as much landscape potential as loquat. Once derided for being prone to fireblight, the Japanese plum is gaining popularity again. Why? Because we know how to grow it now.

Select an improved variety, preferably one noted for its fruit production such as 'Champagne'. Plant it in full sun where drainage is good, with room for good air circulation. Apply fertilizer no more than once a year to a healthy plant, as overfeeding increases vulnerability to fireblight. Don't be afraid to prune the loquat after it fruits, or during the growing season, if necessary to keep branches from laying on top of each other.

And try this: clip a few of the tips now, while they're in bloom, with four or five layers of leaves under the flowers. Use a bronze or gold spray paint in a solid spray or just a brush of color, and use them in wreaths and centerpieces for a truly regional decoration.


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