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New England

November, 2005
Regional Report

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Rain Gardens
All you could possibly want to know about rain gardens is contained in this online publication from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Rain Gardens: A How-To Manual for Homeowners. You'll find rain garden designs for all soil types and sun/shade conditions, plus detailed directions for sizing and building the garden.

Clever Gardening Technique

Overwintering Container Perennials
If you want to save a potted rose or container-grown perennial for next year, you can overwinter it in a cold garage or shed. First, water the soil well. Then set the pot into a larger pot and stuff hay or straw in between the two pots as insulation. Wrap the plant in burlap and then fill the inside around the branches with more straw. If the temperature gets above freezing in winter, check the soil and water if its dry. In early spring, keep a closer eye so the soil doesn't dry out. Unwrap the plant when temperatures warm up.


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