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December, 2005
Regional Report


Garden Lunacy: A Growing Concern
How obsessive a gardener are you? Begin to discover your own degree of obsession and recognize your gardening (and nongardening) friends, humorous foibles and all, as you read about flower show addicts, Hortiholics Anonymous, and other gardening hijinks in Garden Lunacy: A Growing Concern (AAB Book Publishing, 2005; $26.95). This delightful book is written by Art Wolk, a highly accomplished gardener who walks the walk in addition to talking the talk, and you are bound to identify with his eccentricities so humorously related. This book provides the perfect pitch of levity for crazed gardeners in the face of our still-to-come winter season -- and its attendant cabin fever. Enjoy!

Tool or Gardening Product

The Weed Wrench
The Weed Wrench is a large scale, heavy-duty, hand-operated weeding tool capable of uprooting shrubs and saplings; it literally wrenches them out of the ground by the roots. Made of steel, its relentless jaws grip the trunk of your target plant. Grab with the jaws, lean, and whammo, out pops that pernicious woody weed. (Be sure to read the directions before use!) This is perfect for grubbing out invasive plants, such as multiflora rose, barberry, privet, or honeysuckle, and was in fact developed for just this purpose. The Weed Wrench is a tool made for hard use and comes in several sizes of jaw diameter. For more info, go to:


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