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Coastal and Tropical South

February, 2006
Regional Report

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Roses in Miami-Dade County
As this What About Growing Roses in Miami-Dade County article from the University of Florida Extension attests, people disagree on whether and how to grow roses in the tropical region. This is the first of two articles on this subject. The information provides both the good and challenging news about roses in the tropics. If you have wondered whether to, how to, and which ones, check it out.

Clever Gardening Technique

Rooting Leaves
With a technique too seldom used and yet so impressive to watch, you can make new plants from leaves of African violets, gloxinias (and most other gesneriads), and succulents like the old favorite hen and chicks sedum. Cut off a leaf with some stem attached. Plunge the stem into a small container of potting soil right up to the leaf. Keep it just moist (not wet or dry), and watch for new sprouts to appear at the top of the stem section, right where the leaf meets the soil surface. Amaze yourself as you observe the power of cells to adapt with just a bit of encouragement. The leaf will grow roots, sprout a new plant, and give you a strong feeling of self satisfaction.


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