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Lower South

March, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Tomato Disorders
This Tomato Disorders Web site provides an easy-to-follow key to common tomato problems based on photos rather than vague descriptions. It will help you find what ails your tomatoes and guide you in preventing the problem in the future.

Clever Gardening Technique

Livestock Panel Trellises
Livestock panels available at most farm stores make great garden trellises. Lean a section of livestock panel at a 60-degree angle and tie the top to posts. Then plant tomatoes beneath the panel. The plants grow up through the panel, and lanky shoots can be easily lifted up and placed back through panel openings, eliminating the need for tying. Vines also grow well on the panels, and after the season is over the long-lasting galvanized panels are easy to store without taking up too much room. The 4- by 16-foot size makes handling cumbersome, but they can be cut into manageable sizes with bolt cutters or a reciprocal saw with a metal blade. Some stores will even cut them for you.


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