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Lower South

March, 2006
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Citrus in Containers
We live a bit too far north for most citrus to be dependably cold hardy in the landscape. This need not stop us, however, as there are several types of citrus that do well in large containers. Mexican lime, Meyer lemon, and kumquat all work great in containers, providing there is plenty of soil volume for the roots. Satsuma oranges can also be grown in large containers, such as half whiskey barrels. Containers can spend the summer in a sunny spot out on the patio and be moved into a protected spot when freezing temperatures threaten. Casters or a dolly make moving easier. The fragrance of citrus blooms alone is worth growing the plants, but the tasty fruits are even more reason to not let another season go by without your own patio orchard!

Tool or Gardening Product

Misting Nozzles
When starting small seeds in the garden or in transplant trays, it's difficult to water them without blasting them out of the soil with the spray from a garden hose. Misting nozzles are available that produce a gentle spray of water that won't harm tender seedlings. Some come with handles, and they screw onto the end of your garden hose.


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