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Middle South

March, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds
The Web site encourages consumers to support local farms. It's filled with information not only about the benefits of "buying local," but also details about how to get schools and other institutions to support local agriculture. Plus, the networking tools are helpful for connecting people interested in the topic.

Consider taking their "Buy Local Challenge" by pledging to spend at least $10 per week on locally produced food. By signing up, you'll be entered to win door prizes. It's a fun, easy way to keep "local" in mind as you shop.

Tool or Gardening Product

EarthWay Garden Seeder
Last week I bought a handy dandy Earthway Garden Seeder. I grow lots of flowers to sell, and it's backbreaking and mind-numbing to hoe long rows, bend to sow the seeds, then go back and cover the row -- especially on a hot summer day. I found myself dreading the very thing I usually love the most: planting!

The Earthway Garden Seeder makes the job much easier. You fill the hopper, then roll the seeder along the row. An adjustable wedge parts the soil to the depth you want, the seed plate places one seed at a time at a predetermined spacing, a hanging chain flattens the furrow, and the rear wheel tamps the soil. Drop the row marker, and as you walk the seeder marks your next row.

I used the seeder last weekend and had a few troubles but nothing too serious, I hope. It was very dry and "static cling" made many of the smaller seeds cling to the plastic seed plate. Also, because I was planting short rows of lettuce and carrots, there was just a small handful of seed in the hopper. I suspect the seeder works better when there is more seed in there.

I'll know soon enough whether my plantings were successful. I should be seeing the first sprouts any day now!


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