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Lower South

April, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Using Color in Flower Gardens
Combining colors in the garden may at times seem to be a dauntingly confusing task, especially if, like most of us, you are not gifted with natural design skills. Using Color in Flower Gardens is an excellent Web resource for us "aesthetically challenged" gardeners. This excellent site from Cornell University provides a minicourse in using color effectively in landscape plantings. Photos provide helpful examples of the combinations, making it easier to understand and use what they are teaching.

Favorite or New Plant

Rose Campion
There are plants that flower and there are plants with attractive foliage. But what about both? Rose campion (Lychnis cornaria) combines bright magenta blooms that shine like a neon sign, with bright wooly gray/white foliage that really sets the plant apart in a perennial border. Blooms begin in April and continue on into July. This plant is fairly drought tolerant and loves a full to half day of sun exposure. The plant is officially a biennial but may last more than one season. It reseeds readily so there are always new plants coming along to carry on the show. Deer would rather eat something else if they have a choice.


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