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June, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Cobb County (GA) Extension Service
To learn more about those spots on tomato leaves, stems, and fruit, visit the Cobb County Extension Service site. It contains a chart that's well designed, informative, and printable, in case you need it for future reference. The site also contains other articles that are applicable to our region and, like other Extension Service sites, has contacts statewide (Georgia in this case) for more localized strategies for tomato troubles.

Favorite or New Plant

Night-Blooming Jasmine
Whether you describe it as "fragrant" or "smelling-to-high-heaven" (as my grandmother used to say), night-blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum) succeeds where other plants fail in producing perfume-quality aroma. Plant it near a doorway or window that's open frequently to let it fill the indoor space, or use it in a container on the deck or in a garden bed. On humid, still nights, this plant is surrounded by a cloud so sweet it intoxicates the moths drawn to it. With the slightest breeze, the fragrance travels across the yard every night to gently tickle your nose. No garden should be without it.


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