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Pacific Northwest

June, 2006
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Washington Park Arboretum
Washington Park Arboretum is an excellent destination, winter, spring, summer, and fall. The arboretum's 200 acres offer visitors a look at more than 5,000 different Northwest native and introduced woody plants. Gardeners can attend a wide variety of classes or walk the grounds to look for treasures they'd like to include in their own gardens.

Washington Park Arboretum is located about 10 minutes east of downtown Seattle on Lake Washington Blvd. East. For detailed directions and to arrange group tours, call the arboretum at (206)543-8800, or write Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington, XD-10, Seattle, WA 98195. The arboretum is open daily, sunrise to sunset. Admission is free, and parts of the arboretum are wheelchair accessible.

Clever Gardening Technique

Bargain Garden Gloves
You can spend a lot of money on garden gloves, but I've found that the cheap brown cotton jersey work gloves frequently sold in supermarkets and hardware stores are just as effective at protecting my hands. It's true that these gloves don't last as long as pricier, more attractive models; in fact, I go through three or four pairs in a typical year. But at less than $2 a pair, the cost amounts to a fraction of what I'd spend on one pair of "good" gloves, which might not last through an entire season of gardening.

Brown cotton gloves have other advantages. They don't show garden soil, but when the time comes to clean them, they can be machine washed and dried along with the regular laundry. And if, like me, you tend to wear holes in one glove faster than the other, you can make a new pair from two left-hand or right-hand gloves by turning one glove inside out.


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