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Middle South

June, 2006
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Day-Neutral Flowers Extend Flower Harvest
A few years ago I sowed regular bird seed sunflower seed every two weeks or so, thinking I could extend my flower harvest well into fall. Clever girl! But alas, the plants bloomed all at once, some at 8 feet tall, some at 2 feet. It turns out this type of sunflower produces flowers in response to day length, so no matter how old or tall they are, at some point in the growing season they're stimulated to bloom. This year, I've purchased seeds of day-neutral sunflowers. These are less affected by day length, so weekly sowings should give me flowers into fall. Consider using day-neutral varieties to extend your harvest!

Web Finds

Specialty Cut Flower Production and Marketing
Specialty Cut Flower Production and Marketing, a Web publication of the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, provides oodles of information on growing cut flowers. Although geared to small farms, the information is also handy for home gardeners, and it includes plans for season-long bloom, post-harvest handling, and more.


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