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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

July, 2006
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Tomato Tasting
Tomato grower Steve Goto will provide more than 80 varieties at Rogers' Gardens' 5th Annual Tomato Tasting on Saturday, August 12, from 9 to noon. You'll compare with your homegrown choices and help the gardens determine which to sell for next year. Steve's salsa alone should entice you! Rogers' Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road, Corona del Mar. For info, call (949) 640-5800, or visit:

Clever Gardening Technique

Birds Love Sunflowers and Insects
Encourage birds into your garden to eat the harmful insects by providing whole sunflower seed heads. Hang the entire head in a clothes hanger on a tree limb, fence, or post, letting the birds pick their own. Save the sunflower stalks, stripped of their branches and leaves, to use next year as trellis stakes.


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