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Southwestern Deserts

August, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Arizona Odonates
I had four photographs of dragonflies and damselflies that I needed to identify and found this Arizona Odonates Web site devoted to beautiful Odonates to be helpful and just plain fun to browse. I haven't looked at every photo, but the ones I saw were clear and detailed, good for identification purposes. The species and their locales are cross-referenced in a useful way. You can click on a species name and a pop-up menu will display which counties they've been recorded in. Or you can input your county and get a complete list of species that have been spotted to use as a checklist when you go "dragonflying." I assume that's the equivalent of birding! There's also a page to submit a new record, including GPS coordinates for tracking the site. By the way, I identified three of the photos using this site, and narrowed the fourth down considerably.

Clever Gardening Technique

Take a Sunshine Audit
Make notes or sketches of where the sun strikes in your landscape at different times of the day in the midst of summer. It can help your planning process when you add more plants or determine where to include another shade tree or structure.


Today's site banner is by Paul2032 and is called "Osteospermum"