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Upper South

September, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Fruit Explorers, Backyard Fruit Growers, and More
The Web has an amazing amount of information on fruit growing. In addition to the North American Fruit Explorers, there are several other similar groups that are more regionalized, including Midwest Fruit Explorers from the Chicago area; Backyard Fruit Growers from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area; California Rare Fruit Growers; and the Home Orchard Society based in Oregon. There is useful information on these Web sites for anyone growing fruit anywhere in the country. For links to even more fruit-related Web sites, look to the Backyard Fruit Growers site and the one from Vintage Virginia Apples.


Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory
Ever read about or hear of a certain fruit variety and wondered where you could buy it? Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, Third Edition (Seed Savers Exchange, 2001; $24.00) is a comprehensive sourcebook for all fruits, berries, nuts, and tropical edibles available from mail-order nurseries in the United States -- a whopping 6,471 varieties. In addition to providing sources, the book also includes a brief description of each variety, usually a summary from a nursery catalog. Although not a perfect book, especially since it is not updated more frequently, it still provides a wonderful resource for learning about, comparing, and finding a wide variety of fruits and nuts.


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