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Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2006
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Peace Lily
Almost universal in low-light plant collections, peace lily (Spathiphyllum) gets pushed to the back of the group when not in bloom. It's easy to ignore, since it requires little of its gardener once a few conditions are met. But peace lily can bloom almost year round, put on new leaves endlessly, and look both neat and glamorous on the grayest day. Here are its needs: bright light (no direct sun), organic potting soil mix that drains well, regular watering, and soluble fertilizer once a month.

Tool or Gardening Product

Long-Handled Cultivator
If arthritis or a wet garden bed make it hard to pull weeds, seek out a long-handled cultivator. Some have a 3-tined head, like a hand cultivator but bigger. Others have a flat head, with two tines on one side and a hoe on the other. Either one will help you reach farther to loosen and pull out or cut off small weeds and work around established plants from a comfortable distance. And if you sit in a lawn chair at the edge of the bed, your reach will extend even farther.


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