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October, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Food Safety Information Center
This Food Safety Information Center site has the latest USDA information on the spinach/E. coli outbreak, which will have you growing your own spinach, lettuce, and more. Turns out there's been ongoing governmental concern about contaminated leafy greens from central California. This USDA site has other information about food safety, such as cleaning and sanitizing food and preparation surfaces, tailgate party food preparation, and home canning. If you eat, this is worth a look.

Tool or Gardening Product

Wilcox Long-Handled Trowel
The 22-inch Wilcox is THE hand tool my garden helpers and I grab first for most routine gardening chores. To avoid arguments, I finally bought three (around $22 each), so everyone's happy. Though it's not labeled as ergonomic, the Wilcox's long, stainless steel handle and comfortable, contoured, red plastic grip sure make it easy to work with. The 14-inch handle provides great leverage for digging and lifting weeds, such as deep-rooted thistle and onion grass. The 8-inch blade stays sharp and works well for plug and container planting and the occasional bulb. A scrub under the hose and ... voila, it's clean and ready for the next job.


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