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Coastal and Tropical South

October, 2006
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Kohlrabi, Anyone?
Reading about the prizewinning vegetables at the Alaska State Fair gave me pause. It wasn't the humongous cabbage, but the 97+pound kohlrabi that got my attention. This rugged member of the broccoli family doesn't get enough attention, but it's ideal for our winter gardens. An old friend from the Middle East introduced me to kohlrabi eaten raw like apple or turnip, another of his favorite snacks. Plant a few seeds, thin to a foot apart, and watch the stem swell to form the object of edible delight just above the soil surface.

Tool or Gardening Product

Lawn Mowing Shoes
What? Now we need special shoes for lawn mowing, in addition to safety goggles and earplugs? Well, yes, according to the company LawnGrips. It's a safety issue, first and foremost, since one wrong move can put your feet in the way of blades moving at high speeds every time you mow the lawn. Sneakers and (oh no!) sandals can be hazardous to your toes when combined with power tools. And if you work for hours in the garden (yours or someone else's) you'll be interested in the design, comfort, and differences between these shoes and other work boots.

Traction in wet soils is another concern, so if you've slipped or gotten bogged down in wet soil, check these shoes out. They're only available in men's sizes now, so if you have a very slim foot they might not fit. For more info, visit:


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