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Lower South

October, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Propagating and Growing Roses
If you'd like to try your hand at starting some old roses from cuttings or even from seeds, this <Old Garden Roses and Beyond Web resource will help you get off to a great start. It includes lots of interesting information on types of roses, as well as pruning and other related topics.

Favorite or New Plant

'Old Blush' Rose
'Old Blush' is a true antique, dating back to 1752. It makes a great, no-fuss landscape shrub, blooms repeatedly throughout the season, and resists diseases. The bush grows approximately 5 feet tall and wide. It blooms best in full sun but will tolerate a little shade. 'Old Blush' was the favorite rose of southern pioneers because it was tough, bloomed freely, and easily rooted from cuttings. Its semi-double, lilac-pink flowers offer a light fragrance and appear in loose clusters. In full sun they flush a darker pink.


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