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Upper South

November, 2006
Regional Report

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Facts About Avian Flu
With winter backyard bird-feeding getting underway, people may have concerns about the safety of feeding wild birds with regard to Avian influenze H5N1. The Wild Bird Feeding Industry Web site offers a number of reports on Avian Flu, as well as links for obtaining the latest, most accurate information. The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Audubon Society all recommend continuing to feed and watch wild birds.

Tool or Gardening Product

Advanced Pole System
For years my bird-feeding efforts relied on an assortment of bent and falling over shepherd's crooks, but no more since discovering the Advanced Pole System at a Wild Birds Unlimited store. The modular system consists of a series of black powder-coated, interchangeable parts secured either with snap-button attachments, rings with thumbscrews, or EZ-Attach parts and accessories, making it simple to adapt to a variety of wild bird foods and feeders, as well as nesting boxes and birdbaths.

The basic system has a 4-foot base pole that easily inserts into the soil like a corkscrew. Two stabilizer feet slide over the top of the pole and are pushed into the ground. Another pole attaches to this one, then you can add double or single crook arms (and, hence, your own feeders), or add items designed for the system, including a decorative branch perch, side-dish feeders, suet feeder, decorative banner holder, decorative finials, or squirrel or raccoon baffles. There are also several different bases for attaching the system to a deck railing.

To learn more about the system, or to find a local retail outlet, peruse a long list of links, watch a bird feeder cam, or download an assortment of brochures on wild birds, visit the Web site of Wild Birds Unlimited at:


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