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Lower South

November, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Landscape Planning Advice
There are several great Web sites for helping you plan your home landscape: Planning the Home Landscape from Texas A&M Extension, Residential Landscaping from North Carolina Cooperative Extension, and Basic Principles of Landscape Design offer great tips and guidance in making good decisions that will insure a beautiful, functional landscape for years to come.

Clever Gardening Technique

Moving Shrubs With Less Effort
Here's a tip for moving a shrub more successfully with less effort and less strain on your back. Dig the shrub, getting as much of the root system as you can; wider is better than deeper. Dig down and under one side of the plant as you tilt it the other way, and slide a tarp beneath the rootball. Then dig the other side as you tilt it toward the tarp and slide it onto the tarp. Use the tarp to drag it to its new location. This technique eliminates the need for the backbreaking task of lifting up the entire plant and rootball. It allows you to move the biggest root system with the least amount of work, and with fewer visits to the chiropractor, too!


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