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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

April, 2007
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Fabulous Container Plantings Show
Don't miss the exciting exhibition of container plantings entered in the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society's Fabulous Container Plantings Show, Friday, April 20th to Sunday April 22nd. Submissions will be judged on merit, environmental sensitivity, and original use of materials. Winning submissions will be displayed in the Library Courtyard. Suggested donation $5.

Clever Gardening Technique

Propagate Indoor Plants
Propagate indoor plants to share with friends or to increase your collection. Most philodendron-type plants root easily in water. It's fun to watch the roots fill a glass jar. Overgrown ferns and spathiphyllum can be divided into several pieces. This should be done every few years anyway to keep plants vigorous. Schefflera can be propagated as tip cuttings.

I love to propagate African violets from leaf cuttings. Remove a mature leaf from the plant and make several slits in the veins on the back side. Dust the slits with rooting hormone and lay the prepared leaf on a bed of fresh, moist potting soil. Cover the pot with a plastic bag to act as a miniature greenhouse. In only a few weeks, you will see tiny leaves beginning to grow!


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