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New England

April, 2007
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Presprouting Seeds
You can get a head start on outdoor containers of morning glories, moonflowers, and sweet peas by presprouting the seeds indoors. After the seeds have been scarified (nicked) to let in water, spread each variety on a separate damp paper towel, then fold the towels and place them in labeled plastic bags in a warm spot. Check them every day or two and when seeds have sprouted, gently plant them in the containers, taking care not to break off the tiny sprouts. Keep them in a sunny spot indoors and harden them off outside when weather permits.

Web Finds

Thompson & Morgan
Thompson & Morgan Seed Company has online resources for growing from seed, including in-depth guides to a range of plants. For germination requirements for everything you'll ever want to grow from seed, consult their Seed Germination Database. It's out of print and possibly not entirely accurate anymore, but it's a great resource nonetheless.


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