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Coastal and Tropical South

April, 2007
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Deep Soaking
When planting and growing instructions say to "water well," it's hard to know exactly when and for how long. Take the advice of professional irrigators: when water runs off the bed or lawn or begins to puddle, you've watered slightly too much. Cut back on the watering time, or slow down the flow rate so the water can penetrate before it's lost. Water very slowly when irrigating drought-stricken areas so the soil has time to absorb and rehydrate.

Favorite or New Plant

Cattleya Orchid
Summer shade can be deep under trees in our region, but those branches offer great places to hang a mounted cattleya orchid, where its flowers can be appreciated and its leaves protected from heat and direct sun. Mounting mimics the conditions where our favorite orchids grow in Nature, and prevents overwatering in pots. Using fishing wire, wet sphagnum moss, and a sturdy board, you can hang a variety of orchids outdoors.


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