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May, 2007
Regional Report

Tool or Gardening Product

Self-Watering Trough
Spinach, bok choy, and spring mix greens are huge and lush, overflowing my 31-inch Self-Watering Trough from Gardener's Supply Company ( It has a 3-quart reservoir, holds 22 qts of soil. I used Gardener's Supply Self-Watering Container Mix with a bit of humus. At $19.95, this self-watering trough is a great deal. Greens are so abundant, I expect to have my own fresh veggies all season long!

Web Finds

Human Flower Project
Here's international news that'll warm your heart and send you searching for your world map. The Human Flower Project is an international news group, photo album, and discussion of how people live through flowers. It reports on art, medicine, society, politics, religion, and commerce. For example, here are two entries under Ecology:

The 50-year-old Cape Orchid Society began Londolozani Orchids nursery both to conserve Africa's rare orchids and to train women in Cape Town to run their own nursery business.

Since Slovenia switched to the Euro, its first stamps with Euro prices are a set of 17 native ferns and wildflowers, among them the Adulterated Spleenwort, Adriatic Lizard Orchid, and lovely Carniolan Primrose, a flower that grows "exclusively" there. These stamps aren't "just pretty" but affirm Slovenia's commitment to the European Union's Habitats Directive, "the EU's single most important legal tool for biodiversity conservation."


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