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July, 2007
Regional Report

Web Finds

Plants in Shakespeare
If you're interested in plant references in works by Shakespeare, Homer, Plato, Stendhal, and Thoreau, this PLANTS; Homer, Plato, Shakespeare, Stendhal, Thoreau site is for you. It mentions all plants in Shakespeare and has limited additional notes.

Tool or Gardening Product

ARS Pruners
Pruning is one of my favorite gardening tasks. So I give hand pruners quite a rough workout all year 'round. Japanese-crafted ARS Pruning Shears have my double thumbs up for ease of use, light weight, sharp blade, and durability. They feel smooth in my large hand, cutting, opening, and closing seamlessly branch after branch. They open with a flick of the catch and close securely just as easily. I alternate between two sizes: the smaller-bladed V7 at 200 grams and 178 mm, and the all-purpose V-82 at 230 grams and 230 mm. The blade is hard carbon steel that holds an edge longer than any other pruner I've used. They're not cheap ($50 to $70) but definitely worth the investment.


Today's site banner is by mcash70 and is called "Daylily 'Macbeth'"