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Lower South

August, 2007
Regional Report

Web Finds

This Texas A & M Figs site provides a complete description of fig culture including how to propagate figs from cuttings and suggestions for dealing with cold and other problems.

Clever Gardening Technique

Container Figs
If space is lacking for a fig tree or if your winters are too cold for dependable production, try growing a fig tree in a container. Choose a large container such as a half whiskey barrel size. Plant the tree in a quality potting mix and maintain moderate soil moisture by regular watering. Put the tree where it gets at least 6 hours of sun but has a little mid- or late day shade to minimize watering needs. Feed the tree with a soluble plant food as needed to maintain moderate vigor and health. Be prepared to move it into a protected spot on freezing nights with a dolly and strap wrapped around the container to hold it against the dolly.


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