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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

September, 2007
Regional Report


Hillside Landscaping
Sunset Books always does a good job on their publications and Hillside Landscaping, by Susan Lang (2002; $14.95), is no exception. It deals with everything from planning to excavating and erosion control, and contains a thorough list of plants recommended for hillside plantings. For the adventurous gardener, there are plans for fencing, grading, and terracing. There are also step-by-step planting directions. Overall, if you have a hillside that is not landscaped, I recommend picking up a copy of this book for inspiration.

Tool or Gardening Product

Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder
Do the squirrels get into your bird feeders and drive you crazy? If so, have I got a treat for you. The Squirrel Stopper Bird Feeder is guaranteed to keep your wild bird feeders safe from marauding rodents. The Squirrel Stopper assembles in minutes, screws into the ground for easy installation, has durable steel construction, and is warranteed for one year. It will accommodate up to four different feeders (hummingbird, thistle sacks, and suet cages).

The inverted cone shape of the Squirrel Stopper's shroud is virtually impossible for critters to grip onto, and spring-torsion technology allows the shroud to simultaneously move up and down and side to side. For more info, go to:


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