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Lower South

August, 2007
Regional Report

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Spinosad is a natural product derived from one of the beneficial soil microbes known as actinomycetes. It is low in toxicity and works especially well against leaf-feeding pests such as caterpillars and some types of beetles. It is most effective against those fall webworms now plaguing our pecan and mulberry trees, if used before the caterpillars grow to over about 1/2 to 2/3 inch in length. Break up the webs prior to spraying so you can get the product to the foliage where the caterpillars are feeding.

Web Finds

Digital Photography for Horticulture Professionals
If you are new to digital photography and would like to learn a little about how to take better garden photos, here are some excellent places to start. Digital Photography for Horticulture Professionals, Part 1 provides guidance on such basics as lighting, color, using a flash, depth of field, close-up photography, and how to compose photographs for best results.

Part 2 continues the training with explanations to help you understand a variety of topics including digital file resolution, the various digital file formats, and even a little introduction to editing your digital files.


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