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Middle South

August, 2007
Regional Report

Web Finds
Explore the wonderful world of sedums at With more than 1,000 photographs of more than 600 different kinds of sedums, you'll get a good feeling for this diverse and fascinating plant group.

Clever Gardening Technique

Ways to Water
It's all about watering right now. The hot, dry weather has to end soon, but until it does our plants are counting on us. Follow municipal water restrictions and minimize water usage where you can. Soaker hoses are an excellent choice since less water is lost to evaporation during their use than with sprinklers. Create small soil berms around new plants and fill the center with water, allowing it to soak in slowly. Or cut the tops of 2-gallon or larger nursery pots to form 4-inch-tall rings and set these in the soil around plants to create a basin you can fill with water. Cut the bottoms off 2-liter soda bottles, remove the cap, invert, and place in the soil near plants. Fill the bottles with water and it will slowly soak into the soil.


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