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September, 2007
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Establishing Your Florida Lawn
Sometimes titles are too limiting, and this one certainly fits that description. This Establishing Your Florida Lawn article is worth a look from anyone in our region who wants more technical information about lawns. The University of Florida IFAS Extension publishes straightforward, mainstream information tailored to the state. Not every word will apply outside the Sunshine State, but the illustrations of proper seeding are well done, hard to explain in words, and imperative for success. The discussion of renovating likewise is universal.

Clever Gardening Technique

Hoop Gardens
Smart cut flower gardeners often use simple PVC pipe hoops to support a white floating row cover a planting bed. Such a device keeps the flowers and vegetables cleaner and closer to pest free. But the same hoops can support a sheet of shade cloth, available in rolls at home stores and large garden centers. Such shade can be the key to the earliest greens of the season!

If you garden in raised beds with wooden sides, attach the pipe to the inside support with strapping, or simply plunge the pipe directly into the soil and bend it over the bed to the other side. Shade cloth may come with hairpin-looking anchors, or you can make some by bending wire from old clothes hangers or a similar gauge. Drape the cloth over the hoops, plunging the anchors through it and into the soil. Complete coverage is not necessary or desirable, as you still need to tend the lettuce or whatever is growing inside.


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