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Southwestern Deserts

September, 2007
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Pruning and Maintaining Your Landscape
Chandler, Arizona's Water Conservation office offers a variety of classes on landscape design, maintenance, and irrigation this fall. Pruning and Maintaining Your Landscape will show you how to keep your landscape plants healthy and attractive with minimal maintenance. Taught by Water Conservation Coordinator and Certified Arborist Cathy Rymer, this class will be held Tuesday, October 2 from 6:30 to 8:45 p.m. All classes are free to residents but registration is required. Call (480) 782-3580. For a complete list of classes, go to: Note that many water conservation offices hold similar classes for their residents.

Clever Gardening Technique

Grass in the Shade
For low-desert gardens, there is no perfect choice for a lawn grass that will thrive in shade. Bermuda grass is our preferred warm-season grass; in the cool season it may be overseeded with ryegrass for a winter lawn. However, Bermuda will not grow well or look healthy in shade. St. Augustine grass or Zoysia grass are recommended as tolerating some shade, but in practice the shady areas may not look very healthy. Because their leaf blade appearance is so different, mixing Bermuda (in the sunny area) with St. Augustine or Zoysia (in the shady area) looks patchy and unattractive, negating the carpet effect that most people want in a lawn. Your best bet for shady areas is to use an organic mulch and/or plant ground covers or perennials that take shade.


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