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Upper South

September, 2007
Regional Report

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Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens
For those of us who have been dealing with drought conditions, it may be wishful thinking to consider rain gardens and rain barrels, but sooner or later it will rain again. Excellent and concise information with many additional links is provided by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Go to: Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels.

Clever Gardening Technique

Use a Shoe Rack to Store Gloves
In addition to the garden gloves that I use every day, over the years I've accumulated lots of other gloves that I keep on hand when people come to help in the garden. I used to keep these in a plastic storage container where the different sizes and styles would get all mixed up. While cleaning out the barn this summer, an over-the-door shoe rack with rounded wires to hold the shoes was headed to the trash. It occurred to me that this would make great storage for the garden gloves. I matched up the pairs and gave each pair a spot on the rack. Now it's easy to see the various types and sizes, plus they easily dry out.


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