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Middle South

September, 2007
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Plant Annual Flowering Vines Under Shrubs
This year I planted cardinal flower seedlings underneath some mock orange and forsythia shrubs. The shrubs bloomed in early summer, then the vines began twining through the branches. Now, in late summer, I have scarlet flowers throughout the shrubs to attract hummingbirds.

The vines aren't terribly vigorous, probably because of the drought, so they haven't overtaken the shrub. I imagine if the vines' foliage blanketed the shrub, they could deprive it of light so I'd have to prune them back. But right now I just have a few unexpected bright red flowers among the leaves.

I planted the seedlings at the drip line so they would be in full sun, then I tied a few pieces of twine to various branches and let them hang to the ground to give the young vines something to grab.

Shows & Events

Scarecrows in the Garden
The Scarecrows in the Garden event at the Atlanta Botanical Garden has become an annual fall tradition. This family-friendly October celebration features more than 70 scarecrows created by local organizations, businesses, and individuals. Events are planned for every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., culminating in a children's costume party on Sunday, October 28. For more information visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden Web site:


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