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October, 2007
Regional Report


Fruit Cookbook
The Autumn at Filoli Festival on October 6th marked the release of the third cookbook in the series Fruit at Filoli. The new book, Fruit at Filoli: Recipes for Apples and Pears, and Citrus - Pies and Tarts contains the 20 original winning recipes from last year's autumn event cook-off contest.

The cookbook, written and produced by Filoli Garden volunteers Lynn Bent, Chris Lowell, and Kathleen Tharp, also features historical and culinary information about some of Filoli's apples, pears, and citrus. An exciting addition to this book is the forward, which features Lucy Tolmach's history of the citrus collection at Filoli.

The new cookbook is not available anywhere except at the Filoli Garden Shop, the Cafe at Filoli, and at the upcoming Holiday Traditions event. What an excellent excuse to visit a magnificent garden! For more info, visit:

Tool or Gardening Product

World's Kindest Nail Brush
All gardeners have dirty fingernails at one time or another, even if we wear gloves. Old fashioned, stiff-bristled nail brushes strip the cuticle away like sandpaper. Sometimes it's possible to use a strong jet of water from the hose to wash the dirt from under your nails, but this soft, nylon-bristled brush called the World' Kindest Nail Brush, from Lee Valley Farms is the ultimate answer. Sold in pairs, it can also be used as a vegetable brush. I am a satisfied Lee Valley customer! Their catalog is awesome, with every gadget and gizmo imaginable to make gardening cleaner, easier, and smarter. For info, visit:>


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