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December, 2007
Regional Report


Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard, and Wild Animal Baby
Holiday shopping is under way. I can't "snailmail" a pack of bright-eyed, ever-so-cute dwarf mongooses, a red/brown leaf-tailed gecko, or a muddy rhinoceros as gifts, though. The National Wildlife Federation has an enticing alternative: colorful, age-appropriate, photo- and art-packed, something-for-every-child nature magazines. (I'm enjoying them too!) NWF's trio of children's magazines, for ages 1 year to 7 and up, is on special at $19.95 each for 12 or 10 issues. Additional gifts at $14.95 each. For info, go to:

Web Finds

Proper Tree Planting
Learn proper tree planting technique on the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania Web site. Click "Proper Tree Planting Video" under "What's New." This video with Jason Lunbar, associate director of urban forestry at the Morris Arboretum, is a very helpful, accurate, and easy-to-follow demonstration. Lunbar shows how to dig a wide, sloped planting hole. He demonstrates finding the crown, where root and trunk meet, and determining depth of planting. He shows how and when to remove the burlap and wire around the rootball, and how to mulch. This makes tree planting look easy, but have a couple friends around to help.


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