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Lower South

October, 2007
Regional Report

Web Finds

Trees for Louisiana Landscapes
Don't let the name mislead you. Trees for Louisiana Landscapes is an outstanding online publication for all of us in the lower South. The folks at Louisiana State University have put together a superb resource that instructs in proper planting and care, transplanting, pruning, and fertilization. It includes helpful charts and diagrams and an extensive listing of trees by attributes such as fall color, tolerance of poor drainage, attractiveness to birds and other wildlife, etc.

Clever Gardening Technique

Easy Leaf Hauling
I use a small plastic (polyethylene) tarp to gather leaves for moving to another area of the landscape for mulching. It sure beats stooping to gather and bag leaves, and on a tarp even a heavy load of rain-moistened leaves or grass clippings will easily slide across the lawn to the backyard vegetable garden or composting area.


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